Sue Beatty Branch Secretary Retirement Statement

Our wonderful Branch Secretary, Sue Beatty, is retiring at the end of this month. Read her message to all members below.

Her dedication, determination and commitment to supporting our 4000 members, and helping them work in a safe, inclusive and fair workplace has been incredible. Thank you Sue Beatty, and we hope you have a great, well deserved retirement.


Dear UNISON Member and colleague,

I hope this finds you well at this difficult and challenging time.

As you will recall, I sent an e-mail to you earlier this year to let you know that I was retiring from the Branch Secretary role in UNISON Brighton & Hove Branch.  I was due to leave at the end of March and the plan was, as always around that time of year, to hold our AGM at which a new Branch Secretary would be elected.  Because of the CV19 pandemic and ensuing lockdown, the branch was not able to hold our AGM and I was asked to continue in the role for a few months to provide stability to the branch through the worst of the pandemic issues, which were arising for members.

I am writing now to let you know that w.e.f. from the end of July, I am stepping down from this role and will retire from Brighton & Hove City Council as an employee.  This means that currently the branch is without a named Branch Secretary until such time as we can hold our AGM to elect my successor. However, cover for this role will, in the interim, be provided as follows:

Richard Woolven (Branch Officer/Treasurer/Service Conditions Officer) will cover two of the 5 days

Andy Richards (Branch Chair) will cover two of the 5 days

Sue Beatty (me) will be employed by the branch as a UNISON employee (part time hours) to support and advise branch staff as needed and to “triage” work that arrives into the office.  However, as I am no longer BS and will be employed by UNISON, I have no role in any decision making regarding the business of,  or running of, the branch.

We believe the above arrangements will work well until we can hold our AGM which we are anticipating will be late September.  Once we have been given the go ahead to hold the AGM ( in a venue such as the Brighton Centre where social distancing can be easily maintained) you will receive a letter giving details of this.  Please try to attend.  Whenever an election of a new Branch Officer or Secretary takes place, it is always helpful to have as many members attend as possible in order to ensure that members have input into who is elected to work in their best interests.

I would like to say a huge thank you for being a UNISON member; we are and always have been a strong branch, in which we put our members first.  Without your support and loyalty, this branch would not be the success it is,  of 4000 members across both the Council and within a range of employers across the City.  You, together with a great branch office team and brilliant workplace representatives, are what makes this branch the success that it is.  An injury to one is an injury to all; when we stand united we are strong.

I wish you the very best, both now during such a time as this pandemic, and for the future, whatever it may hold for us all.

Very best wishes,


Sue Beatty

Branch Secretary

UNISON Brighton & Hove

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