Join the fight for our NHS on 5th November

STOP PRESS! time change for Defend NHS lobby on 5th Nov
The Defend NHS lobby of the Health and Wellbeing Board will now be at 8.45am at Hove Town Hall on Tuesday, 5th November. The meeting time has been changed from the afternoon to the morning.
We will be taking the Unison branch banner to the lobby, so please come along to join in the battle to stop the local NHS from being further privatised and cut!

Sussex Defend the NHS campaigners are calling on everyone to join them at a lobby on 5th November at Hove Town Hall to oppose the latest attempt to privatise and starve the local NHS of funding.

The Health and Wellbeing Board – a largely unaccountable body of unelected representatives – will be voting on whether to turn the local NHS into an Integrated Care Services (ICS) system.

The name change comes from the new NHS Long Term Plan published in January this year. Well, it’s the ‘NHS’ – but not as we know and want it. And it’s Integrated Care – but also not as we know it (or want it).

Whilst integration could be about seamless health and social care, full public accountability and better services for patients/clients, this current NHS England integration is more of the integrating with private providers,  revolving door,  conflict of interest,  rationing care type that is actually the opposite of what the NHS and social care need.

This is before we even begin to consider one of the other problems with ICS – that they have a fixed population budget – health care based not on need but on a fixed capita budget. Beginning to sound like the American model of health care? We think so. There are concerns over budget, over accountability, over ideology behind these reforms.

Please join in the lobby at the Brighton & Hove Health and Wellbeing Board on Tuesday 5th November – 8.45am outside Hove Town Hall for 9.30am meeting.

We don’t want  ICS in Brighton and Hove. We have the example of councils like Luton who are challenging this process! Let’s do it in Brighton and Hove!

For more information visit the Sussex Defend NHS website or Facebook page.

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