International Solidarity needed

From Eric Lee of LabourStart.

Just a few days ago I wrote to ask for your support in the struggle against Hungary’s new “slave law.”  Our campaign, launched at the request of the Hungarian Trade Union Confederation, called on the country’s president to refuse to sign this terrible law.

He did not listen to us, and signed the law three days ago.  

Our campaign, which had 7,288 supporters and was translated into 13 different languages, did not succeed.

But the struggle continues.  

The Hungarian trade unions have issued this statement.

I think it’s important that we be completely honest about these things.  We tell you when our campaigns help to win victories for workers.  But we also tell you when we come up short.

And we know it’s not just about the numbers.  Some of our largest campaigns have had little effect, while some small ones seem to persuade employers and governments to change course.

We do know that the chances of winning are increased the more people we can involve in our campaigns.

That’s why I’d like to ask you to consider doing some these things over the next few days, a time when most of you are on a holiday break.  It will help.

1. Support Canada’s postal workers, who are involved in a bitter industrial dispute and have been forced back to work against their will.

2. Tell the Iranian government to stop jailing teachers now.

3. Urge the government of Kazakhstan to respect workers’ rights and release jailed activists

4. Protest to Mitsubishi Electric in Thailand about its degrading treatment of workers and its attempts to crush the local union. 

5. Like LabourStart on Facebook

6. Follow us on Twitter

7. Join our group on LinkedIn

8. Make a donation to LabourStart. 

9. Encourage your friends, family and fellow union members to do all of the above.

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