Cash win for injured member

Our Unison branch notched up another success for a member recently, when she was awarded £10,000 as the result of a personal injury claim.

The member was injured when she slipped on a wet floor while attending a training session in one of the council’s buildings. She was left with pain and bruising in her hip and numbness in her left foot.

Unison’s personal injury lawyers, Thompsons, commenced court proceedings and a settlement of £10,000 was finally agreed.

Branch secretary Sue Beatty said: “Cases such as this show the value of the union’s legal service. It also shows that the union is prepared to take cases that claim companies and no win/no fee solicitors will not. It’s yet another good reason to join Unison!”

If you think you may have a claim, contact the Unison branch office on 01273 291611.

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