A Small Step Forward for Council Nursery Staff

As we have reported earlier, Unison is supporting council nursery workers who have all been told that they face cuts of up to £8,000 a year as well as longer shifts. In addition to this, council management wanted to bring forward the planned reduction in pay protection so that these staff would have only a year to adjust their family budgets instead of three. (In reality, such a pay cut could still drive some mature and experienced staff out of childcare).

Unions have now secured the agreement of the council to stick to their original pledge to protect pay for 3 years as part of the current consultation. It was acknowledged by Human Resources that there had been a lack of clarity between the unions and the council around staff involved in these consultations at the time of the new Pay Protection policy being negotiated.

B&HCC Unison will continue to stand by and support its members in nurseries who want to stop the cuts to their pay and their terms and conditions of employment. Sue Beatty, Branch Secretary, has already stated “UNISON will fight to ensure our members’ livelihood and working conditions. We call upon council officers and elected members to seriously reconsider these proposals.



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