Unison’s response to councillor’s view of Labour leadership election

In line with Unison’s national policy our new Branch Secretary, Sue Beatty, had this response to Cllr Bewick’s comments about the Labour leadership election published as a letter in today’s issue of the paper. Nice one Sue!

The Argus “Opinion” piece from Tom Bewick was an interesting read! Councillor Bewick talks about Labour having not been in power for the last 6 years and I’d like to ask why?. Could it be because the Blair years and those that followed told the electorate that the proper values of the Party had gone forever and that traditional supporters could no longer trust anything the Party had to say? Now with Corbyn at the helm, every bi-election has been won, there have been u-turns in Westminster made by the government on a range of issues, those u-turns benefitting ordinary people, the current membership of the national party is unprecedented and yet, Councillor Bewick finds all this disturbing enough to call supporters of Corbyn a “cult”. Councillor Bewick and others like him do their Party no good deed; whilst they continue to criticise and harp on about a democratically elected leader, the Tories are loving every minute of it. Who is doing the real harm here? And is it professionally acceptable for an elected member of B&H Council to use such offensive language in describing so many of the electorate of this fair City. Perhaps Councillor Bewick would have preferred that the Brighton East election recently had been won by another party rather than a Corbyn supporter?

Am I the only one who thinks that with all the negativity the PLP appear to be throwing at Corbyn and those who follow him there can be only one reason?….they are running scared of his success and of losing control. The Labour Party as it stood til recently no longer represented anyone that it was originally conceived for but had become a “Tory-lite” party not to be trusted. I have news for Councillor Bewick and for those who try to defame Corbyn and his hundreds of thousands of supporters…Corbyn will win again and those who don’t like the result will have to do one of two things, either put up or leave the Party.

As for Owen Smith . . .he has become a born-again Corbynite (having previously voted for war, for privatisation of the Health service and more). I wouldn’t trust anything that man has to say.

Sue Beatty

UNISON Branch Secretary

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