Brighton & Hove Council Workers Speak Out Against the Cuts

Unions in Brighton & Hove have organized a public meeting next week to give local people a chance to find out about the proposed cuts to a range of services directly from the representatives of the workers who provide those services.


Representatives from Unison, GMB and NUT – covering carers, refuse collectors, teachers, social workers, nursery nurses and other council staff – will address a public meeting next Tuesday, 17th November at 7.30pm at the Brighthelm Centre.


They will explain the consequences of the cuts for the public and for staff who stand to lose their jobs as well as those left behind or who are privatized.


The meeting will also be an opportunity for union members and members of communities directly affected by cuts to get together and plan united opposition.


Sue Beatty, Unison convenor of Adult Social Care staff, said “It is extremely concerning that of all services being hit within Adult Social Care, the most vulnerable in our society are being targeted with such speed. Adults with learning disabilities, older people and people with physical disabilities, older people living at home who have had their night service cut and who will no longer be able to independently toilet themselves or make a drink, or go to bed at a reasonable time rather than at the time of their last call during the day. 

We are told that our services are “too expensive”………I’d suggest that there is no price that can be put on good services to ensure that the dignity of service users is a key priority. We have seen in the papers and on TV what happens when vulnerable people get care from the private sector whose key priority is to make a profit at the expense of good staff training, and good staff terms and conditions.”




Alex Knutsen, Unison Branch Secretary, said “ In Oxfordshire, they have their MP David Cameron speaking out against the cuts! In Brighton & Hove we have to speak up for ourselves. We will ballot for strike action to save services and jobs if necessary”


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