Keep donating for Calais refugees

One of our members posts the following information about donations to help the refugees stuck in Calais.

There have been a lot of messages going around asking people not to donate anymore as they have been inundated with donations, but this is only  the case for September and for certain items.

I have been speaking directly to L’auberge des Migrants who are based onsite in Calais and I have arranged with them to make a trip on the 3rd October and will be communicating with them in the run-up to the trip.  They have sent me an updated list of items that are now needed due to winter fast approaching, I have copied it to the bottom of this posting.  They are also desperately in need of cash donations so that they can do food runs, if you would like to make a donation, you can do this through their Paypal account.  The email address for this is

I have secured two donation drop-off points, one in Brighton and the other in Hove. Once I have dates and times arranged, I will post an update. When donating, please be sure to gather together all like items and label them.

I am in need of volunteers for sorting through donations, loading up the van on the day of the trip and for calling around various companies to ask for donations.  Please email if you would like to help or want to know where to drop off items.

What is needed:

Clothing – Please keep in mind it’s nearly winter and we will need warm clothing and we are desperate for male clothing

Jackets – urgent (no wool coats)



Jumpers, T-shirts



Hats, gloves, scarves


Underwear – especially women’s

Shoes – Urgently needed. PLEASE, make sure that shoes are sporty, trainers or walking shoes, no city leather shoes, no heels, no wellies! We need mostly men’s shoes, but women’s trainers are fine too and can be given to boys as well. Give elsewhere the ones that don’t fit this description.

Tents – urgent, big tents are best as people like to live together, and they can allow standing-up.

Thick plastic sheeting – mainly used for agriculture (they make shelters from this)

Tarps and groundsheets – again to build shelters, the bigger the better.

Sleeping bags, blankets and duvets – urgent

Mattresses, sleeping mats

Pots, pans, kettle (not electric as they don’t have this) – some people are making up packages with a couple of pans, plastic plates/cups, sponge and cleaning products

Solar or battery powered lighting (and batteries)

Toiletries – Unisex hygiene kits  containing toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shower gel, body lotion

Disposable razors (cheap ones and don’t include these in the wash bag)

Sanitary products – Pads only (please don’t include these in the wash bag.) They will be offered to women when they come for a shower at the Jules Ferry center.

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