Tell George Osborne what you think!

Urgent message from Dave Prentis, Unison General Secretary
Today the Chancellor George Osborne has sent an open letter or email to all public sector workers asking how they can “get more for less.” He wants to find more ways to cut public services.
Here at UNISON we know that you’ve been struggling for years to provide these vital services while budgets and jobs have been cut, and pay has been frozen or capped.
We think Mr Osborne should know this too: after five years of cuts he needs to know the strain public service workers are under.
It’s really important that you have your say. I urge you to respond to Mr Osborne’s request and to complete his survey at,CINN,33D2U1,SZUD,1
Some of the ways we think the Chancellor could make savings are:
stop privatising public services: we’ll get more for less if we’re not paying out profit to business
cut the use of agency staff and consultants: their day rates are much higher than regular staff
stop reorganising public services, it wastes money: the reorganisation of the NHS cost us £3bn.
Let the Chancellor know what you think by responding to his survey, tell us your ideas on Facebook or tweet us on @unisontweets using #spendingreview.

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