Public Meeting – Defend the Right to Strike – Resisting the New Anti-Union Laws

Tory Anti-Union Laws set to be even more regressive than feared
Defend the Right to Strike – Resisting the New Anti-Union Laws

Organised by Brighton and Hove Trades Union Council
Tuesday 21st July 7pm

BMECP 10 Fleet St, Brighton, BN1 4ZE
The announcement today of more details of the Anti-Union laws makes it clear that the legislation, unless we can stop it, is going to be worse than previously feared.
We must organise ourselves to fight these laws and prepare our response to them

We must push our leaderships into action
We have a range of speakers from the movement to kick start a discussion on organising and resisting.

I hope to see you there.
Phil Clarke

Secretary Brighton, Hove and District Trades Union Council


Updated list of attacks planned on our movement
A 50% turnout threshold on all ballots
An additional threshold on transport, health, education, fire, energy and other workers where 40% of those issued with a ballot paper must vote yes. Effectively making not voting a no vote
Timeouts of four months on ballots to make unions re-ballot under the above thresholds repeatedly if a dispute is protracted.
The details of strike patterns to be included on the ballot papers so employers can prepare weeks in advance
Two weeks’ notice of a strike to be given to employers
Allowing agency staff to be used to break strikes with a least 2 weeks preparation to hire them
Criminalise effective picketing, require a union official to be responsible for each picket only having 6 people on and allow unions to be fined for not auditing pickets and protests.
Further restrictions on union’s political funds
Limiting the amount of time public sector employees can spend on union work. Effectively removing the ability of union branches to organise its officers in a way democratically decided upon by members.
There is no doubt the government will also continue to encourage the remove payment at source or check off arrangements where union subs are taken out as part of the member’s pay packet.
Our fundamental right to strike and organise is being threatened.

Please come along to help plan our response.

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