Balls to the Austerity Budget – protest on 8th July, Brighton Town Hall

If you think that there;s no need for austerity

If you think that we should in fact be reversing austerity

If you went to the huge Peoples Assembly march in London in June and want to do something locally

If you think that we are the 99% and in a democracy we shouldn’t be ruled by the 1%.

then come along to Brighton Town Hall at 5pm on Budget Day to say

Balls to the Budget

Bring balls balls and more balls – big & small, blow up beach balls, balls for throwing, balls for catching, balls with slogans, balls to agitate, Greek balls, balls with love and balls with anger’ In other words, bring balls with imagination!

Our protest is part of a national day of action organised by the Peoples Assembly

“This is the second budget in just four months & it begs the question what was Osborne hiding in his last? 

Osborne plans £12 billion in cuts to welfare and a fresh round of austerity measures”

Wednesday, 8 July 2015 – 17:00 to 19:00

Brighton Town Hall

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