Union member’s request for sponsorship

Frances Ford, a Unison branch rep at the Brighton Centre, is inviting sponsorship for a cycle challenge in Tanzania to raise money for three women’s cancer charities. She writes:
I am part of an amazing group of women who have taken up the challenge to cycle through Tanzania to support the work of three important women cancer charities: namely, Breast Cancer Care, Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust and Ovarian Cancer Action.
Our adventure starts in October this year and over 5 days I will cycle approximately 216 miles, both on and off roads, away from the tourist trails and hotspots of Tanzania. We start at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro crossing plains and grasslands with the route becoming hillier as we approach our finish in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.
As well as training hard I need to raise £3,000 before I am accepted as a participant. This means that the donations I raise need to be paid to Action for Charity (who are organising this challenge) by July 2015. I am funding all the financial aspects in respect of the administration and personal tour costs. It is important to me that all the donations I raise will be given directly to the three charities, rather than covering my costs.
When my younger sister rang me and asked if I was willing to do this challenge with her, it was an easy and instant decision. Not only do I want to help the charities, but it was a great opportunity to go back to the place of my birth. I left Tanzania when I was seven years old and have never been back; my sister was born in the UK two years after and having heard all the stories from my parents and seen the photo albums has always had a yearning to go.
Being part of a very special event supporting three brilliant and dedicated charities for women, along with the added bonus of sharing this adventure with my “little sis” in a country full of childhood memories, I am very upbeat and excited at the challenge ahead and can promise that I will complete the journey.
Please support me in this endeavour. Thank you.
You can find me on the following link for “just giving” http://www.justgiving.com/Frances-Ford and I have sponsorship forms.

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