Dignity for garment workers petition

We have posted this information at the request of the Dignity for Garment Workers Campaign

Dignity for Garment Workers: Pay a Living Wage
Get involved in our Dignity campaign

It is now six months since the tragic, and preventable, factory collapse in Bangladesh, where over 1,100 garment workers lost their lives.

Thanks partly to our supporters putting pressure on brands, over 100 companies sourcing in the region have now signed up to an agreement on monitoring factory fire and building safety in Bangladesh, and international efforts are being made to sort out compensation for the workers and their dependents.

6 months on, Labour Behind the Label and the Clean Clothes Campaign have published a report examining what progress has been made on delivering compensation to the families and workers affected by the tragedy. The report, entitled ‘Still Waiting’, states that although progress has been made, full compensation is still far off and some of the permanently injured workers are struggling to the point where they have had to pull their children out of school.

Sadly this is not the end of the story. The issues surrounding the garment industry, and throughout the supply chain, that led to the collapse back in April, persist. Garment workers remain, in essence, economic slaves, unable to leave dangerous factories or raise their voices over low pay for fear that they will lose their jobs.

This is why, this week, we have been asking supporters to sign a petition agreeing that we want the women and men who stitch our clothes to earn enough to feed their family, pay their rent and live a decent life. Workers should be able to live in Dignity.

Find out more about what the Dignity campaign and sign the petition online.

Sign the petition here http://www.labourbehindthelabel.org/campaigns/itemlist/category/267-take-action

In solidarity,

Sam, Anna, Ilana and Bec

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