Pay and allowance modernisation

Urgent meeting of all branch stewards
Council Chamber, Brighton Town Hall, 12 noon, Wednesday 8th May, 2013.

After several months of intense negotiations with the employer, we have now reached a “crunch” point. Next week, in time for our meeting, the council will release its “final offer, subject to consultation”. In plain terms, this means that the Branch activists (yourself!) now need to be directly involved in formulating our response to the “offer”.

You may have seen the report in the Argus newspaper, which might be interpreted to imply that Unison is accepting the offer. Richard Woolven and myself, as your negotiators, want to make it absolutely clear – this is not the case! The process we have undertaken on behalf of members in the council, has been twofold – to maximise terms and conditions improvements for a range of staff, and to minimise any loss of pay for others.
When we present you with the results achieved, so far, I am very confident that you will feel this objective has been successful. However, there is still much to do, and we need your assistance and support over the coming months.
The employer now proposes to release their full offer, and begin a 90- day consultation period. This will be followed by a further negotiating opportunity, after which the council will decide its next move. The 90-day period will begin with a series of meetings with staff, at which they will discuss their offer, and Unison representatives need to be present.

Purpose of Our Meeting.

1. Richard and I will provide a detailed presentation of the negotiations, and the employers “offer”.

2. To consider Unison’s response – what are our objectives/what is an acceptable outcome.

3. To brief activists in terms of the employers meetings.

Attendance at the Meeting.
This is the most important issue the council (and the Unison branch) has had to deal with since the Unitary Authority was formed in 1997.

All council Unison stewards are invited to attend, and facility time to do so has been agreed with the employer.

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